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Plans for the railway


Yeah I know I talk about a lot of embedded stuff on here, but I do still think about my Model Railway. I was at the Model Railway show in Peterborough today, where I picked up a lovely boxed Dapol "Yorkshire Voyager" set. It prompted me to think about what I'll run when my railway gets rebuilt and I figured I should write it down for posterity.

The model a fictional station set somewhere around Leamington Spa circa 2002/2003 (which is when I lived there as a student). At that time, Leamington Spa was served by the following operators:

Virgin were running 220 Voyager and 221 Super Voyager sets at that time, but they still had the last of the Class 47 + Mark 2 sets, plus a brief period running HSTs (both in Virgin West Coast livery, and borrowed from GNER and Midland Mainline). You also might have seen some 158 Express Sprinters.

Chiltern Railways were running 168 Clubmans (I have one of those) and 165 Network Turbos.

Central Trains were running old 150 Sprinters, 153 and 156 Express Sprinters and maybe some new 170 Turbostars.

Here's my money-no-object rolling stock wish list: