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Talking about Monotron at RustFest


So, today I did a talk about Monotron at RustFest Paris. You can find the code on my Github and/or on

If you want to buy a Tiva-C Launchpad (it's the same as a Stellaris Launchpad) of your very own, try RS Components, or Farnell or Digi-Key. Just add a VGA connector and three resistors. The Github README tells you where to put them but I take no responsibility if you blow something up - double-check your working with an oscilloscope before risking your monitor!

The video of the talk will be on the RustFest Paris website soon!

If you want to ask a question, catch me on IRC (try #rust-embedded) or as @therealjpster on Twitter. If you want to know more about Embedded Rust, the Embedded Rust Working Group has some excellent help on offer.

If you want to help make Montron better, check out the issue list and send me a PR!

Edit: JP from 2022 here, this project has now been archived. Check out instead!