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This is my homepage. There's not much to see. You could look at my list of Reader's Digest Condensed Books. I've got every one from 1 to 260!

Or, could look at my notes on Jaguar X300 production numbers

Or, you could read my blog.

Or, you could look at the code I've published on GitHub, including a Python/Web/Neopixel demo for the Raspberry Pi Zero (no arduino required), or stellaris-launchpad, my embedded Rust project.

Or, maybe cheat at the Numbers round in Countdown.

I've got slides on:

You could even see how much a New series Jaguar XJ would have cost you back in 1995.

I assert my identity at keybase.io/thejpster. You can find links to all my accounts there, along with proofs that I own them (or at least, that they are all owned by the person who has write access to this website, which is about as good as you're going to get).